Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Light Review

Developer: Henri Asseily
Available: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/id384021568?mt=8

Light is one of the numerous flashlight apps out there. It has a simple and beautiful icon which won't look out of place on your home screen. Even better it has a simple and beautiful menu which looks like a screen straight out of the iPhone's own settings. Everything is clean, well laid out, and fits the Apple aesthetic. Going across the top are three toggle switches: off, strobe, and on. These option are pretty self explanatory but they differ in the settings you can change.

The strobe setting periodically turns your iPhone 4's LED on and off. The on time is set with the "Strobe Light" slider while the off time is set with the "Strobe Dark" timer. The "Sync Light & Dark" toggle disables your "Strobe Dark" bar and turns the LED on and off for the same amount of time. The on setting just keeps the LED permanently on. For both strobe and on you have the choice to darken the screen. This is so you can conserve battery if you're going to be using flashlight for an extended period of time.

One really interesting aspect of this program is in the off setting, your given a manual control switch which will on the LED only while you're pressing the key. Provided you know how, this will permit Morse coding.

It's just amazing how many people can get something like a flashlight app wrong. So many apps just try to pack in useless extra features people will never need instead of just giving you a simple, easy to use, on and off flashlight. The Light app we think is pretty much the epitome of flashlight apps. If Apple included a flashlight feature in the iPhone, this would be it. We personally think there is no reason to own any other flashlight than this one.

Runs on iOS 4.1: Yes
HD for retina display: Yes
Price: Free
Overall rating: Excellent

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